Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist
Please view and feel free to print out the following moving checklist.

Four Weeks Before:

  • Hold a moving sale or donate all unwanted items.
  • Keep a list of items that you will need to replace.
  • Check with your insurance company to find out if your goods are covered during transit.
  • Start using foods and cleaning supplies that cannot be moved.
  • File a change of address at your local post office.
  • Get a copy of the IRS publication relevant to moving from the library. It will be easier to fill out now than when tax season rolls around.
  • Stock up on boxes and packing material.


Two Weeks Before:

  • Arrange for local phone service.
  • Transfer your bank accounts and establish an account in your new location before the move if possible.
  • Transfer prescriptions and make sure you have an adequate supply of medications on hand.
  • Return any borrowed items and retrieve any loaned items.


One Week Before:

  • Start packing! As you pack begin to take inventory of your belongings.
  • Confirm any travel reservations.
  • Clean lawn mower and drain gas and oil from power equipment. Disconnect any spark plugs.


Two or Three Days Before:

  • Disconnect and prepare major appliances for moving.
  • Finish up packing. Pack a box of items that you will need immediately at your new home.
  • Take down remaining curtains, blinds and shelves.
  • Do a thorough cleaning, including emptying and cleaning trash cans.
  • Call you Movers to Confirm their Arrival Time


Moving Day:

  • Leave a telephone number and forwarding address with a neighbor in case of emergency.
  • Make sure all lights and remaining appliances are turned off.
  • Take one last walk through the house and make sure everything has been packed.
  • Supervise loading if using professional movers.